Criminal Searches

Background Investigations can take many different shapes based on company specific needs and goals. The most common element in background investigations are some sort of criminal database search, especially a National Criminal Database search. Also click below to learn more about these searches.

  • National Criminal Database Search

  • County Criminal Search

  • Statewide Criminal Search


When searching for the right candidate for the position, their experience and credentials often play a significant role in making a hiring decision. Some roles that require specific training or experience in similar types of roles are important in the development of a new employee. Verifying the accuracy of the information given on a resume increases the likeliness of making a wise hiring decision.

  • Employment Verification

  • Education Verification

  • Personal Reference Verification

  • Professional Reference Verification

Driving records can instantly produce an applicant’s driving history including any records like a revoked or suspended license, traffic violations and offenses as well as any accidents. Many motor vehicle reports can be produced instantly, along with other instant searches can help provide additional important information to a hiring decision.

  • MVR (Motor Vehicle Report)

  • CDLIS (Commercial Driver’s License Information System)

  • PSP (Pre-Employment Screening Program)

Driving Records

While criminal searches are more commonly used as criteria for hiring decisions, civil searches can also provide valuable insight into a candidate’s history. Civil records such as judgments, liens, small claims and bankruptcies can be found quickly to provide a full picture of a candidate.

  • Federal Civil Search

  • County Civil Search

  • Bankruptcy Filing

  • Liens and Judgments

Civil Searches

Many employers across the country are increasing the number of positions that include a negative drug screening result as a requirement for a job offer. But scheduling these and waiting for these results can be a time intensive and slow down your hiring process. NuCheck offers the largest In-Network screening system in the industry partnering with the best in drug screening that can return results in as little as 15-minutes. We can tailor make drug screening options for our clients, based on local laws, and company requirements.

Drug Screening

Over the past 25 years reporting of sexual offenses across the country have become more and more accessible. Many state and local databases are maintained to keep information that identifies offenders, their crimes, physical descriptions, location, crime and crime location.

NuCheck’s Sex Offender search includes over 1,200 of these databases to give you the most comprehensive search results available.

Sex Offender Search

Today’s society is become more globally connected by the day, and the ability to track talent from around the world has become easier. As people move across borders form country to country, they may leave the country behind, but their records stay with them. NuCheck’s Global Security Watch List incorporates over 130 of the most comprehensive security databases in the world, including the FBI, OFAC and Interpol.

Global Security Watch List

It is now customary, especially for Tenant Screening for a credit report to be run to evaluate an ability to maintain financial responsibility in making lease or mortgage payments. Some employers are also beginning to incorporate credit reports into their pre-employment screening, with permissible purpose, to gauge trustworthiness and reliability.

Credit Reports

Historically, the majority of background investigations are conducted at the beginning of employment or before a job offer is made, and that would be the end of it. This however, provides potential exposure to potentially negligent decisions by not continuing to screen for criminal behavior, or habitual drug use.

A new and growing trend in the industry is to conduct recurring searches at planned or random intervals. Not only random drug-testing, but recurring criminal searches can also help keep your company and co-workers safe.

Recurring Searches

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