National Criminal Database Search

Most of NuCheck’s investigations include a combination of different types of searches to provide the most accurate and thorough investigations available. A key piece of the criminal investigation is to deploy a Nationwide criminal search that pings databases across the country, scouring records for potential criminal offenses. These results results may include violations of local laws including assault, domestic violence, theft, murder, traffic offenses, drug-related offenses, and more.

The difference between a professional investigation company like NuCheck, and the bargain online quick search companies, is this is where their search ends and ours begin. Read below to learn where we continue our investigation

County Criminal Search

When records are found on National databases, many results come from different personal identifiers like names, and addresses some of which may not actually be the individual you are screening.

The most up to date records are provided by local law enforcement and country court offices, which is why these searches are used to verify records. Additionally, when address histories are provided, NuCheck will run county searches based on residential history to confirm a lack of criminal activity in those jurisdictions also.

Many county courthouses still do not offer electronic records, and require physical participation in the courthouse to collect any records. In these cases NuCheck deploys teams of researchers across the country to retrieve these records, check for accuracy, and deliver you these results as fast as possible. Some county records require clerk assistance from the court clerks, which is why having the best researchers in the industry has allowed us to keep our investigation turn around time the quickest available.

Statewide Criminal Search

Out of the different jurisdiction searches, statewide searches are used less, but can still provide valuable information on a subject’s criminal history. Records are updated to statewide databases regularly, but due to manpower requirements and local policy, county searches remain the most effective.