Nevada Regulators Fine Wynn $20MM for Failing to Investigate Sexual Misconduct


Tuesday, Nevada Regulators levied the largest fine in the state’s history against Wynn Resorts Ltd in the amount of $20 Million a year after January 2018’s Wall Street Journal report detailing sexual misconduct allegations against Wynn Resorts CEO Steve Wynn.  In the wake of several women claiming sexual harassment and assault, Wynn resigned as CEO and Board Chairman.  The fine amount, larger than 3x the previous high is a clear signal that sexual misconduct carries significant penalties regardless of position in the company.

After the allegations, Wynn had continued to deny any wrongdoing which was echoed in Wynn Resorts official statements after the report.  A spokesman acknowledged this was a ‘short-sighted focus’ which should have been an opportunity to reassure employees of the company’s commitment to a safe work environment.  The Nevada Gaming Commisioner Philip Pro said, “It’s not about one man.  It’s about a failure of a corporate culture to effectively govern itself as it should.”

Legislation to require pre-employment background investigations is picking up momentum in several states.  A CEO of a multi-billion dollar company is unable to avoid prosecution and fines, and that example is also clear for employees from top to bottom.  NuCheck incorporates a Sex Offender search that pulls from over one thousand sources to help protect its clients and their employees from previous offenders and violent criminals to help create a secure work environment.  If your organization is not currently running this search contact a representative at NuCheck to learn more.