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NuCheck is a preferred partner with FACIS, and is fully integrated to provide you with the best pricing & quickest turnaround time. Below is the description of the different services offered:

  • FACIS provides information on the sanction history of both individuals and entities associated with the healthcare field. Possible types of sanctions include exclusions, termination of license, suspension, revocation, probation and debarments.
  • What does it include? There are four levels of screening that FACIS offers. These levels vary in the depth of sanctions provided.
  • FACIS Level 1 is federal level data only and is generally considered to be the baseline search for exclusions screening as outlined by the DHHS – OIG Guidance, DHHS – CMS Guidance to the State Medicaid Directors and under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010. Searches are performed against OIG, GSA, SAM, FDA and many other federal agency sources of information.
  • FACIS Level 1M is all federal level data (all that is contained in a FACIS Level 1) and all state level FHEP related data. This includes information such as state offices of the Medicaid Inspector General or equivalent (26 states), state’s Attorneys General, the Medicaid task force (“HEAT”) content and any state level contractor or procurement debarment data. FACIS Level 1M search is now considered the minimal “best practice” due to recent changes in the federal guidelines and under some states regulatory schemes.
  • FACIS Level 2 searches all that is included in level 1 and other federal sources, in addition to sources from an individual states. This search meets the minimum federal requirements and provides limited state-licensure protection.
  • FACIS Level 3 (recommended) searches all that is included in level 2, in addition to over 800 sources from all 50 states. While this search exceeds minimum federal requirements, it offers full coverage for excellent ROI.

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