NuCheck Products

NuCheck DeepScreen

  • NuCheck is one of the only Licensed Private Detective Agencies that can provide a comprehensive, in depth nationwide criminal search, multi-national sex offender search and global government sanctions, debarment and watch lists. Combined with a SSN Validation & Trace, this will turn up almost everything you need to know about the level of risk this person could pose.
  • Included in this detective product:
    • NuCheck Nationwide Criminal Search
    • SSN Trace & Validation
    • Sex offender search from all 50 states + Puerto Rico + DC + Guam + Australia
    • 63 global government sanctions, debarment and watch lists including OFAC, OIG, FBI, Interpol, etc.
  • As a licensed detective agency and 36 years of experience in heavily regulated industries like nuclear, we analyze any potential hits & threats at a deeper level than any of our competitors to provide you with a level of security that will give you peace of mind.

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