Regulated Industries

Nuclear – 03/01

19669836An Initial Background Investigation is completed prior to granting unescorted access for individuals who have never held Unescorted Access Authorization (UAA) or have not held UAA within the last three years.
An investigation is completed for the past 3 years (or since the eighteenth birthday, which ever is shorter). The investigation includes at a minimum, the following components:

  • Verification of ALL claimed employment in subject’s most current year
  • In the 2nd and 3rd year, only the longest claimed period of employment in a calendar month will be verified.
  • Verification of all unemployment periods greater than 30 days
  • Verification of character and reputation through interviews with 2 developed references
  • Verification of education in lieu of employment during the past five-year period
  • Verification of military service in lieu of employment during the past 3 year period
  • A credit history check, including hawk/fraud alert (to detect potential fraud or misuse of social security numbers or other financial identifiers). Clients have the option of running the credits in-house.

We’ve been doing nuclear investigations for 30 years.