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Reviewing Official Training

Licensees including hospitals, blood bank irradiators, industrial radiograph equipment, massive facilities for irradiating certain food and medical supplies, laboratory equipment for research into radiation and its effects, state regulators and manufacturers, distributors and transporters of radioactive sources, whether operating in an Agreement or Non-Agreement State, must have their RO(s) approved by the NRC. This requirement is presently in effect even in Agreement States wherein they have a 2 or 3 year grace period to implement the background investigation requirements. This approval is made through the Licensees submission of Name, fingerprint and affirmation that the individual is trained and has the skills required to function as a RO.
CDI offers a Reviewing Official Training Workshop that can be customized and expanded to assure it addresses the company’s specific mode of operations. The following is an example of a typical RO Training Workshop
(Company Personnel can be integrated as instructors in this Workshop):

  • Welcome, Introduction, Session Objectives, General Comments
  • Reviewing Official Definition, Role and Requirements
  • Regulatory Environment including familiarization with 10 CFR 37, as well as, company internal policies and security plans (this can be done by CDI or Company Personnel)
  • Access Authorization Program Elements including but not limited to

  • Consent
  • Application
  • Verification of True Identity
  • Employment (possibly unemployment) History & Verification
  • Military Service as Employment
  • Education History & Verification
  • Best Effort Verification through an Alternative Source
  • Character & Reputation
  • Credit Check (if Company Requires)
  • Criminal History
  • Creating Records/Documentation
  • Determination of Trustworthiness & Reliability
  • Denial Criteria, Documentation and Appeal
  • Annual Access Authorization Program Review
  • Case Study & Examination Case
  • Workshop Wrap-up and Critique