Employment Verification

Information that is included in an applicant’s resume and interview can play a crucial role in the hiring decision and job offer. Using valuable resources to hire, train and develop a new employee can be very expensive if that person is unqualified and unable to perform the job duties.

Unlike some criminal offenses that can be found in a database, the best way to retrieve an employment verification is to contact the employer directly. Our team of Verification Specialists are trained to keep preferred contact methods of different employers to return the results to you as quickly as possible.

Would you want to hire someone whose previous employer would not? Or would you offer an applicant a position that they have never performed? Or even offer compensation which is double their previous salary?

Education Verification

Just as it is with employment history, an applicant’s Education history can be a valuable indicator of whether they will be able to perform the job duties necessary. An applicant’s claim to have attended a university or training program may have a significant impact in determining their qualification for a position.

Personal or Professional Reference Verification

A resume, CV and interview can say a lot about a person and who they are professionally. Using personal references to continue to learn more about that person can say a lot about a person from the people that know them best. NuCheck employees are trained to speak with and get to know references to develop other individuals who may not have been prepared to speak about the applicant and gain potentially valuable insight.

Want to know how they conducted themselves at their previous places of employment and how they interacted with co-workers? Let NuCheck’s Verification Specialists find out for you by contacting professional references as well!